People Counters in Malaysia

Watson Installed 800x counters in Malaysia within 12 months

People counting packages

We offers high quality products at an affordable cost with a customized solution that meets the needs of your facility.


Manage all the footfall in your store

Packages include:


Draw Area polygon at Heatmap Dashboard to obtain heatmap analytics for area of interest

Packages include:


By leveraging the data offered by FootfallCam Analytic Manager, shopping mall operators can use traffic data to benchmark their performance, determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and substantiate the value of retail spaces.

Packages include:

ESSENTIALS RetailFootfall™ RetailHeatmap™ MallTraffic™
Health Check Report
User Account Management
Automate Email Scheduler
Data Integration API
Centrally Managed System
Visitor Trend Analysis
Shopper Journey Profiling
Planning Staff Allocations
Pre-Defined Report Set
Campaign Configuration